Changing the colors through the
power of the light


  • NAILTRON service announcement

Spectron technology
changing the colors for a moment

The technology of our company SPECTRON was created by the power of
Japanese manufacturing.
The first special technology of colors all over the world.
Using our technology it’s became possible to change the colors of almost

In other ways to say,
it’s became possible to purchase “The desired colors
in any moment”.
We spend hours on the stores, choosing the right color.
It’s all about bags, clothes, shoes, cosmetics, mobiles and other things.
Even though buying the color that you chose that moment,
some times the other day doesn’t
feel matching like when you bought on the store.
All these indecisions with the colors became a thing of the past.

We came improving our research for the people to enjoy the colors more
and cherish things with love.

A new combination of virtual and reality
Spectron reflection.

We discovered that it’s possible to change the colors, using a light that
produce littles vibration waves.
Through this discovery, it’s became possible to obtain the combination of
virtual and reality.
This technology was named as SR “SPECTRUM REFLECTION”.

For example,
buying a virtual color online, you can change the color of
something real.
A virtual color for a real color, creating a new experience never filed

AV・AR・MR, is technology connecting virtual and reality.
Our technology SR, however, brings a new surprise for the society.

Products with Spectron Technology
The first product


A new transformation starting with your fingertips.

Change and play with the colors by your desire and
mood of the day.
A new future device that brings a new experience,
coloring the colors of the nails.


Imagine and change the colors of the nails for a moment

With just an application on your phone, you can realize a command to the
that reflect a light witch produce small vibration waves that change the
colors of your nails.
For example : At morning pink, and at night green.
It’s possible to change the colors of your nails anywhere and any moment.

SPECTRON TECHNOLOGY brings a new surprise with the colors starting
to the colors of the nails, NAILTRON.


The selection of the colors is realized on the application

You can buy the color that you want using our application
Choose your color among a lot of colors varieties.
Through a simple interface program, you can know how much
Times is left to use the color.

Starting with 24 colors

Our company prepared 24 basic colors at first.
We are developing to lunch new colors, with collaboration
Of brands and trends.

Starting with 24 colors

Our company prepared 24 basic colors at first.
We are developing to lunch new colors,
with collaboration
Of brands and trends.

Advice that instantly changes color
A device witch contain the magic of the colors

Put a finger into the device and choose the color that you want on the
The application send a command to the device to change the power of the
light, creating the color that you choose.
You can carry the device in you bag for any where because of the size.
This device is packed with SPECTRON TECHNOLOGY innovations.

NAILTRON™ device image

※This image is just an imagination of the device witch is developing at
this moment.



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